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Earth Wisdom

Druids, Dreamers & Connecting with Ancestral Knowledge


Our body is participating on behalf of our soul, engaging with the energy of the earth. Most of the time we do this unconsciously, but with ‘conscious participation’ with respect and an understanding of earth energy, we can work together to co-create paradise.

All of our ancestors practiced these arts. No matter where we have come from, when we follow our lineage back, before the disruption, ‘before that crack came in that disconnected us from the planet and from our spirits’, we will find customs, rituals and ceremonies, ways of life and ways of living, that kept us intrinsically connected to all the rhythms of the planet.

Earth Wisdom. We need to reconnect.


1) Learning to Co-Create with Earth Energy

2) What are the Earth Energies

3) Druid Forest Magic

4) Peruvian Mountain Spirits

5) Australian Aboriginal Dreamers

6) Harmful Earth Energies

7) Forest Beings as Helpers

8) Helping People Today Work with Earth Energies

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