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Here On Earth

Ontario Canada

705 924-3852


2010 Council of Elders Series


The first year of ‘Red Recordings’ begins with a discussion on the shift in awareness predicted by so many cultures, that we are collectively experiencing now. Relationships with each other, animals, plants and spirit are explored as well as in depth understandings of addictions, evil and a whole new take on karma are explored. Other lives, dream realms and a bonus heartwarming CD on peace. This is a broad perspective collection that forms the base understandings for so many of the teachings that follow.


You can order the full collection of 2010 CDs

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$170.00 International.


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2012 An Earth Odyssey

Prophesies, Earth Changes

& the Shift in Social Consciousness  

The Quest for Love

Evolution of Relationship, Soul-Mates, Healing the Gap Between Masculine &  Feminine

Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Accessing help from the Other Side

Nature of Earth

Our Relationship with the Plant World, Food, Medicine and Life Itself

The Origins of the Universe

How it all Began and Why

Stars & Black Holes

Planets and Galaxies

and Other Universes

The Dark Realms

Understanding Evil

How it Manifests on Earth

and How to Deal with It.

Animals of the Earth

Human Relationships with Animals, Totems and Food


Our Lifetimes on Earth

Children of the Creators

The Journey of the Soul


Understanding and Healing


Cause and Effect On Earth

Dreams and Dreamers

Gateway to New Realities

Peace On Earth

Shipping Included
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