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Popular Spirituality Internet Radio with Here On Earth on BlogTalkRadio

Here On Earth

Ontario Canada

705 924-3852


Since 2010 Wendy & Krow have been meeting with The Council of Elders (who are the Council?)

asking those important questions that we all have. We followed the interests of our patrons & our own curiosity as well as clearing up misunderstandings that have plagued humanity for centuries.

Then we made those studio recordings available so all may share in this opportunity.  Read More.


You can order CDs to be mailed to you or download as MP3  files right to your mobile devices.

Listen to Red's entertaining & insightful conversations while you jog, exercise or do your chores,

or pop in a CD while you drive or while relaxing on a sunny beach!

Awakening your deepest knowing with advanced spiritual understandings

anywhere, anytime, at your own pace and interest.


We will also be offering pdf file transcriptions as a companion to the recordings for those who like to read along, or have handy quotes and references. These will be available soon!


Tapping into the quantum fields of knowledge through the gift of connection with The Council,  

we have amassed an incredible library of  deep wisdom that is unique & refreshingly sensible.


All the big questions we have pondered about life & the universe, why are we here, and what is 'here' anyway? The curiosities we have wondered about & the many esoteric speculations that have piqued our interest over the years have been discussed & recorded for our further education & collective awakening.  

There is a whole universe of potential ideas out there to explore together and we have made a good start!


MP3 Downloads and CDs of these monthly sessions are available from our store.

You can order them individually, or you can purchase a yearly or bi-yearly subscription.

A gift of wisdom and awakening.


For a complete listing of all our yearly recordings, click on each series

to order as MP3 downloads visit our Store






2014 Listing can be found Here


2015 Listings are Here

Conversations with Red

& The Council of Elders Teaching Series 

2015 Subscriptions are available on MP3

at our Store $135.00

or to order the full year of CDs  to be mailed to you  click here 

December 2015   Living in a State of Grace

This is a pivotal point for humanity on our earth journey and we all need to be actively involved. The world is in a state of crisis, but world leaders are listening to the millions of people who turned out for the Climate Change marches to show their truth. In Paris, where recent horrific events caused a cancelation of the march. people placed thousands of pairs of shoes on the street to represent the march. Even the Catholic Pope sent a pair of shoes to be placed there on his behalf! People are coming together, challenging the fear we have for each other, and offering love instead.

Living in grace means living in love

Check Out Spirituality Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Here On Earth on BlogTalkRadio
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