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Coming soon.... Transcripts! 


We are so very excited, and with great gratitude we present our transcription booklets and e-books.

They are best used as a companion to the audio CD’s as there is no way to transfer the emotional tones and vibrational impact of the spoken word of Red.

Use them as you would a lyric sheet as you listen to the depths and tones of the audio CDs.


Dave Curtis has been painstakingly transcribing the CDs and is having them printed into booklets for a few years now.

He is including some bits and pieces that were ‘asides’ and ‘between question’ dialogue from Red and Wendy that is not on the CDS that he thought were interesting.

Robert and Rosemary Gardener came on board with an offer to assist and blessings to them for taking on the task of transcribing the CDs as they come out!  

A big shout out to Elisabeth Stone of Buffalo who has also offered to transcribe and edit!

Thanks to all these people we will be offering all our past year’s CDs in transcription form for handy reference and source quoting!


 Those of you who have transcribed your personal sessions understand the magnitude of the work involved.

Where to put the periods and commas, the switching of first to third person conversation style he has,

the atrocious grammar and of course the occasional “what the heck did he just say?” are all part of the process.

This is an ongoing ‘work in progress.. and we will get them all done and available as soon as we can.



Books are $12.00 with a $2.00 shipping charge. 3:00 US and 4:00 Overseas.

or just 12 for downloadable pdf files for your e-reader


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