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Understanding and Healing


Addictions are realms, places of entrapment that steal souls,

realities of their own that live off the light of everyone they can entrap, including the loved ones of those entrapped.  

Here we are shown how these realms were created and what we can do to help shut them down.

We are introduced to concepts and ways of understanding addictions that are helpful, respectful and actually very hopeful.

Always wise and compassionate, Red handles this painful topic with grace.


A must for Addiction and crisis workers & support centres, and friends and families of addicts,  as well as those courageously healing their light from these realms.


What are addictions from Spirits viewpoint

Is it only part of the earth experience?

How much do past lives experiences effect present day addictions?

What are the original causes of addictions?

Getting entrapped light out of addiction realms.

How can families help their addicted members?

Support and Intervention

Help closing realms

How to empower people

Message from the Earth 

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