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Ancient Civilizations

Lessons Learned from Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu & Pan


Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it

George Santayana, Spainish born American Philosopher and Poet.

Well, we have a lot to learn. When we first began evolving on the earth plane, we experimented with form and ideas.

Red says that the evolution of our ideas of self can take thousands of years to play out into recognition, and can be seen as our societies and civilizations.


Our individual psyche is strongly influenced by our collective DNA imprints.


In Ancient Civilizations he addresses our questions with the deep wisdom we have all come to respect.


Another layered teaching with concepts and understandings that have kept my mind spiraling outward since I first listened to the recording.


All of these civilizations that began manifesting on the planet, all of them are the roots of the civilizations that you have here now aren’t they? ... and you can see their stories playing out across your earth-plane now. You can see the knowledge, the concepts, the belief systems, the ways of being that have formed the core fabric of the psyche of your civilizations on this planet now and you can see many of these patterns playing out over and over again throughout history as each particular strain tries to become the dominant  way upon this earth.... 

"The original manifestation point of ‘Pan’ evolved and diversified  into many subcultures who’s remnants play out in deep tribal roots throughout Africa and up into ancient Europe.


‘Mu’ who’s influence spread through Indonesia and Asia,.. the original movement into form perceived and experienced as entrapment, creating spiraling multi layered architecture and spiritual beliefs of evolving back to the stars. Ideas of punishment and reward through lifetimes of trying to go home.


... and Atlantis of the marble columns and pyramids, ever seeking to expand in dominion...., and Lemuria, who dwelt within the earth and of the earth, ..these two evolving so differently on opposite sides of the planet.. night and day, literally.


Where as the Lemurians perceived the planet as a sentient being that they wished to explore their relationship with, the Atlantians experienced the earth plane as something that they would like to experiment with, something that they wanted to see if they could master, and utilize.... bring their blueprint here to this planet and utilize what’s here to manifest themselves.


So you can see their civilization tended to want to change things a lot.


They wanted to build mountains where there were plains, they wanted to re-route rivers, they wanted to change the landscape to suit the physicality they wished to express, whereas the Lemurians wanted to evolve their physicality to express the earth.


Do you see the difference? Quite different ways of thinking, quite different approaches to manifestation on the earth plane.


I’m not going to judge which is right or wrong, I think history is the one who judges isn’t it? what actually plays out according to the ideals and ideologies that are brought here.


The Atlantian ideology, we can see a lot of that still at play upon the earth plane. I think we would like to see a little more of the Lemurian ideology, a little more of the balance of both might suit this earth-plane and might suit the spirits that are wishing to incarnate here.


So what would you like to know about these civilizations?


Thus begins the stories of our collective histories, and how they are ringing through our shared DNA, influencing our direction thousands of years later in the now.

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