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Popular Spirituality Internet Radio with Here On Earth on BlogTalkRadio

Bridging a New Reality

Frank Discussions about our Changing Times 

This is the time of biggest change that your earth has gone through in a millennium.. it is not an easy time to be here, agreed.

......each one of you have one thread in this reality, you are only responsible for that one thread...that’s it, so hold that one thread of hope, do the best you can with it...because you are weavers of the next reality.” ............Red, from Bridging a New reality

Wow. Wendy had a huge reaction during this recording . It really hit her, and we wondered about putting it out at all.

What is our responsibility here in bringing  through the information  from the Council, do we edit out the stuff we don’t like, stuff we are afraid will offend or scare, or do we just be conduits and allow whatever comes come.

We take our work as receivers very seriously, and not perhaps as others may think. We are responsible for what we bring forward into manifestation, into sound waves in this world, and we need to constantly check in to make sure we are all in alignment with the Creators, incarnate and non incarnate contributors alike.


We have brought this out verbatim, no “white-washing”.

We have a difficult time ahead on our planet. We all know that.


This recording offers some bare truths and also ways to shift ourselves, ways to understand the changes, and viewpoints and perspectives that enable us to remain powerful co-creators of the next reality.

1) Countdown to 2012, what is ahead as far as earth changes go?

2) What is happening with our physical bodies?

3) What will happen with our food?

4) What is going on with the right wing back lash all over the planet?

5) How do we navigate our fears through the social changes we are experiencing?

6) What about Global Warming?

7) How will our shift in consciousness manifest?

8) The castle doors are shutting, and we have built no bridge to the future, where do we go from here?

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