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Life of Christ


Yes this is a real person whose life and story has become an archetype,

his image usurped and utilized to corral human consciousness into conformity.


In this recording we learn there is much more to it, how his stories were coded to ignite and trigger in a new era of evolution.


Cradled in the centre of a smorgasbord of realities, the crossroads of trade routes from all directions and cultures, a power point on the globe atcthe time/place of his life, where the perfect alignment of star conjunction would manifest, Bethlehem contained the most viable choice for birthplace,cthe strongest point for the birth of a new reality.


In the genetic lines of an ancient school of mystics, in a family who had traveled many lands, honouring ancestors, remembering collective histories and thus building on the tradition of knowledge; begat by parents who were ‘’connected with the cosmic flow and willing to be of service to humanity” ...he had the perfect choice of DNA. This was generations in planning, this life he led.


The boldest and most in depth story of the life of Christ we have ever encountered.

From travels with his uncle, studying with the greatest teachers and healers of that age, to the politics and power plays of the times that led to his crucifixion, to his love life and family with Mary Magdalene, there was so much more going on than we have ever imagined. Every chapter unfolds a million answers.

A must listen, a few times get it all.


2.Red’s Intro.

3.Was Jesus Christ a real person or an archetype?

4.Did Christ have a purpose for incarnating?

5.Why was Christ born in Bethlehem?

6.Who were the Wise Men and how did they know where to go?

7.What was his family life like when he was a child?

8.How long did he stay in his village?

9.How many disciples were there?

10.Was there a romantic relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene?

11.What happened to him and this movement?

12.That is very different from the Bible stories.

13.What does his life teach us? 


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