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A Dance with Creation


You know every time we decide on a topic, we think we know what we are asking about... and so often we get our minds and consciousness stretched further than we knew we could.

This is another one of those teachings.


There is a lot of information out there in the world about how manifestation works on the earth plane, but as usual, The Council brings it ‘down to earth’ to manifested reality.


We are children of the creator. it is our birthright to create. He talks about the power of desire and the power of hope, that leads to the power of manifestation.


He says our desires are “hijacked into hopelessness or acquiescence, then what gets manifested is under the program of others, rather than under the program of yourself.... many of you collectively are waking up and realizing, ‘it’s not hopeless!” you don’t need to be entrapped.... that the true entrapment is of one’s mind and that when you have freed yourself from within, you then are able to bring creator light through you into actuality, into manifestation.”


Step by step he leads us through the realizations of who and what we are, and what we are capable of creating, individually and collectively. We are all here on earth, manifesting spirit into form. This CD explains how we do it, and how to do it with full consciousness.


1.      Introduction.

2.      What is your definition of manifesting?

3.      Was there a time when manifesting on Earth was easier?

4.      Collective, individual and unconscious manifesting.

5.      How do we start manifesting in a conscious manner?

6.      Describe the process of manifesting.

7.      Final thoughts 

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