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We are all here in physicality to learn to self mastery Red tells us.


That is what each life, each experience is about.


Offering points and practices, stories and reassurances that we are on the right track, Red shows us how we are part of the new ripening of masters today.


Strength, wisdom and the faith to persevere resound throughout this inspiring and insightful CD.


Whatever it is your soul is choosing to focus on to learn, when you have reached a level where you have no other teachers on the earth plane but you become the teacher for others, then you are in a place of mastery.


1) Red’s definition of a Master

2) Is attaining mastery a soul’s original intention?

3) Is preparation required to become masters?

4) Why do so many ‘masters’ like Van Gough, have such big problems?

5) What are the attributes of a master?

6) Gandhi, Mandela, Dalai Llama, modern day masters.

7) What are the practices we can adopt to become a master?

8) What detrimental patterns get in the way of mastery

9) Ascended Masters, Avatars and pathways of mastery

10) On becoming masters

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