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Money Talk

Way, way outside of the box..Red tells it as he sees it, a perspective from the sinking of Atlantis and the effects the dying Draconian star system has had on our social and economic histories to the ‘New Kids’ who are here with a different dream for their future, and are willing to stand up for it.  


Weavers of Light full circle, we get it.


The pyramids are falling and our world strategy is changing.


Red explains the system of money and economics that we have co-created, where it is at now, and where it is heading.

We have been under a spell that we are waking up from.  


We belong to Eden, and we have the capacity to take hold of the economy and make it work for the earth, and all of her peoples, including the children yet to be born.


We need to change our relationship with money.


Not for the faint of heart, but for the brave new Dreamers of the future.


   Money Talks, Intro

1) Introduction by Damon Toth, History of Economics on Earth by Red

2) Is this part of a cycle? The role of fear and mind control in our decisions,

    Federal Reserve, IMF and more.

3) Cartels or Countries, what are they up to?

    Ideologies and countries as tools of control. Historic overview of takeover to  

    possible future we could co-create.

4) 2012 and Occupy Wall street. The effects of Atlantis on our current  

     economics to the movement of Indigo kids.

5) How do we transition to a more equitable money system.

    Death of the Draconian star hold, the end of prophesy, timelines and 2012

     predictions for a sustainable future.

6) Pensions, unemployment, dealing with our losses.

   Transitioning through to a new economy based on community development.



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