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Our Planet, Our Mother

Earth's Original Essence


This is Wendy’s favourite so far.

She says it has fundamentally shifted how she sees the world.


What an amazing planet we have been gifted by this divine universe, so patient, so wise, so beautiful, and so ‘delightful’.


It truly is a sacred gem in the cosmos of reality, manifest or otherwise.


I get it, we can be misbehaving children, or divine caretakers. Our choice.

I thank the Council for this perspective of our planet,

how the rest of the Universe see her.


We have forgotten so much.

It is time for us to remember.


Please, listen  and share what you learn with everyone.

1. Introduction

2. What energy frequency does our sun bring through?

3. Why did the Earth choose the 3rd position in this solar system?

4. What was the Earth's original dream for herself?

5. Are there other planets like Earth in the Universe?

6. The Earth has been called The Emerald of the Universe

    and a Living Library, what does that mean exactly?

7. What role does the Earth hold in the Universe?

How does the Earth respond to these energies?

8. What happened to the Earth's natural flows?

9. How can we broadcast differently?

10. As this Draconian influence is dissipating will it become

     easier for us to find delight again?

11. Why are we and the Earth receiving so much

     assistance from the Universe at this time?

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