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Personality of Place

Soul of a City 


Earth is conditioned to create platforms of personality expression that our light flows through, as we learned in Soul Expression, Karma, Pets and other past recordings.

We come to understand how our collective consciousness also forms community personalities wherever humans live together for long periods of time, like layers of blueprints that build a history and a personal expression of existence.


Cities have distinct personalities formed by the landscape and the collective charge of expression that the humans living there create.


We get to 'meet' some interesting Cities and get a feel for how to 'see' them, and reflect on how we are influenced by the countries, towns and cities we live in.


Once again, the Council broadens our awareness of who we are and what we are creating here in ways that are new and exciting.


We truly are co-creators!

1) How can a city have a personality?

2) How does climate and geography define the personality development?

3) How much of an impact does population make?

4 ) How does colonization affect an area?

5) Imposing new personalities on old ones.

6) Who is.. Venice?

7) Berlin, effects of war and division.

8) New York, commerce and pizzazz.

9) Toronto, the gathering place.

10) Hong Kong, child of two cultures.

11) New Orleans, surviving disaster

12) Detroit, bankrupt down and out.

13) Determining the personality of a city.


'You are bringing your soul light to engage with earth so that you can bring your soul light into a physical expression to be able to fine tune your expression in this universe, that is the gift this Earth offered.'

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