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for a new World 


The prophets of old have built stories out of the experiences of the land and the people that have created blueprints or pathways that humanity has followed.


The influence of the Draconian Star System and the potentials of the Universe manifest in the social realties we have lived by for 10,000 years.


As we move into a new epoch, we asked the Council to bring us some stories from the future, stories he says that are ‘yet to be actualize.


He has done that beautifully, weaving a poetic tale of humanity coming into it’s own, of peace, dignity and equal rights for all.


A time of innovation, creativity and respect and a great evolutionary shift in humanity as we recognize that we are one, with all of our relations.


Happy New World to All!

1) As all the prophecies have ended, where do we go from here?

2) Climate and physical land changes, water, weather and global warming

3) Food  

4) Energy

5) Economy and Business

6) The New Kids

7) Humanities’ evolutionary jump

8) Government, Military, Religion and the end of tyranny.

9) Gaia consciousness, the end of Draco and our new world.

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