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The Fourth Dimension  


I have to say that this is my baby, these are questions I have pondered for a while now and am grateful for the opportunity to ask.


I had a pretty good grasp of how we travel through time, but I wanted to understand just what this stuff we were traveling through was.  


What IS time, how does it work, and can we play with it?


We all have experienced it shrink and stretch, but just how does that happen?


It’s about time, we got the answers.


Oh, there's a cool trick he offers us at the end.

Many of us have been practicing it.


1.   Intro.

2.   Red's intro.

3.   What is time?

4.   Definition of a dimension?

5.   What does outside of time and space mean?

6.   Precognition and prophecy.

7.   Can the future be changed?

8.   What choices are we making for 2012?

9.   Moving back and forward in time.

10. Past lives.

11. Emotional imprints in past lives.

12. DNA and timelines.

13. Fate and Destiny.

14. Time in other realities.

15. Natural time and artificial time.

16. Conscious intent affecting time and space.

17. Is physical time travel possible?

18. Technologies of time.

19. Accessing future selves.

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