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Nefra. RIP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Red once said that dogs teach unconditional love.

Nefra gave us an example of that kind of uncompromising love.

During our stay at Mount Siani hospital my daughter Danielle and

I had that discussion you need to have when there is an old dog in the family.

We had been caring for her 16 year old Australian Cattle dog

who was deaf, mostly blind, somewhat senile and becoming incontinent.

She knew that I could not continue to look after her once we were home

and Dave would require a lot of care. She is leaving to work in Northern BC

and could not take the dog with her as she is just too old for the flight.

We were having that discussion about when do you know it is time, most vets say people leave their animals suffering too long before they make that call.  We reached no conclusion and Dani left the hospital to go to work.


As I walked back to the room thinking about what could be done, my cell phone rang.

Marilyn, the lovely woman who was house and pet sitting for us called me.  


"Krow, I think it is time to take Nefra to the vet. I think she is dying."

She had suddenly taken a turn and was losing consciousness.

I called our neighbor who came and carried her in his car to the veterinarian team who held her

and petted her and eased her transition.


I saw her bounding through bright fields greeted by other dogs and cats she had known

and I knew she had crossed the rainbow bridge.

She did not want Dani to have to make that hard choice. She took it into her own paws to make that decision.

What a dog.

Her many, many friends will miss her quirky personality and for her loyalty to my daughter I will always be grateful.

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