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Popular Spirituality Internet Radio with Here On Earth on BlogTalkRadio

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Spiritual Counselor


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Hi from Krow, let me introduce myself...  


I work as an 'inter dimensional communications specialist' and deep trance channel and have been working as a medium with a group we call  "The Council of Elders", or “Record keepers” for over thirty years...this life.


Born with the gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and psychometry, probably inherited trough my maternal grandmothers lineage. I have spent my lifetime developing and using these gifts in service.


My personal training and easy access to the Council allow me to be of assistance to those in need of guidance, communication with spirit and insight into life and life’s problems in personal sessions at my yurt at Deva Gardens, near Norwood Ontario.

If that's too far to come we can arrange to meet through phone or skypeon the good internet days out here.

I also offer individual or group sessions in Trance as well as personal sessions in my non trance state of consciousness.

I also offer Tarot card healing sessions and past life regression as well as workshops on these and other skills I have studied and developed, such as Lomi Ha Breath work and house clearing. I have had the best teachers.


Partnering with Wendy Murdoch in 2002 begat some new and interesting projects.


Weavers of Light, A Channeled Book of Knowledge for our Changing Times was first first published in 2006 offering a pathway of personal development and understanding of the evolving world and our place within it.


We feel this is also a prophesy book as we witness the unraveling, the crumbling & the backlash of the pyramid system, as it comes tumbling down.Many use it as a book of divination. It is a book that shows us where we are, how we got here, and how to get back to our natural state of grace.


We humans are meant to live in circle communities, not under the oppression of pyramid systems...where large groups of people suffer in slavery to support the greed of small groups of peoplelike the shape of a pyramid.


He talks about how this way of being came to our planet and spread through humanity, like a sickness.

He talks about our healing journey back to the ‘children of Creators’ we are.

It doesn’t have to be this way, he reminds us, we have as many options of societies and ways to live together as there are stars in the sky.


When we live in circle communities, we look across at one and other and are aware of each other's plight.

We see each other’s situation and they see ours.

We are alert to one and other and work together like the ecosystems of a forest do.  

We are awakening to this old knowledge of ourselves, of our potential, as the pyramid structures are seen for the oppression and enslavement they are and have always been.  

This is a radical book.


Things can seem tumultuous during this change, this shift back into our humanity and we need all the help we can get to set ourselves back on the course of love.

Love after all IS the source code of this universe, the natural state of being.


Weaver of Light truly is a Book of Knowledge for our Changing Times and I am so grateful to them for bringing it through.

I am also grateful for all the people who transcribed & double checked the transcriptions.

We did not want to misunderstand or mis-transcribe a word he said as we know how precise he is.

So many helped with this, but Cindy Fougere has spent years transcribing Red's words.

I am grateful to her public service.


You can get a copy here from Amazon.


In 2010 we began recording monthly teaching sessions on a wide variety of topics in an effort to share the deep wisdom we were accessing. It is like a Universal University education.It is hard work to stretch one's awareness, to rethink from different perspectives, different dimensions sometimes!


Old beliefs are challenged as deeper, wiser understandings of reality are introduced with reason and compassion. Some concepts stretched my skepticism, but then soon after we would read about some scientific, anthropological or biological new discovery or see pictures from the Hubel space craft and go, "oh, he was being literal about that. It actually exists!"  It is a fascinating library of wisdom, each recording deepens as you listen the second and third times. We thought of all kinds of interesting things to ask the council about.


These teachings are available here at our store. 


Group session events may be held near you, check the website for upcoming dates and areas.


I am also an organic farmer, a part time poet, writer of blogs & working on novels... I am a sailor, Life Partner to the sweetest man ever, Mother to four amazing daughters and Grandmother to adorable twin boys and their equally adorable baby sister!  I love to cook, to be generous, to surprise people & I care deeply about this earth. I am a lot of things.

I am also a personal servant to a Siamese cat named Kato.

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