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Hi from Krow, let me introduce myself...


I work as an 'inter dimensional communications specialist' and deep trance channel and have been working as a medium with a group we call  "The Council of Elders", or “Record keepers” for over twenty five years, this life.

Born with the gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and psychometry, I have spent my lifetime developing and using these gifts in service.


My maternal Grandmother was a medium and I inherited the easy ability to move into states of altered consciousness, much like sleeping, which allows the Council to channel through me in a very clear and positive way. This provides us all with access to information and communication beyond the every day reality we live in, or even imagined living in.  

The Council, as we call them, are a collective of non physical persons who act as advisors for all of us coming into our lives on Earth. Their insights and advice are invaluable to those of us working with them. Working through quantum fields of recorded history, both past and future, they are able to assist us with advice, choices and information for our highest healing, highest purpose and highest truth.

My personal training from spirit and easy access to the Council allow me to be of assistance to those in need of guidance, communication with spirit, and insight into life and problems in personal sessions at my yurt-space near Norwood Ontario.  I offer some individual or group sessions in Trance as well as personal sessions in my regular state of consciousness. I also offer Tarot card healing sessions and past life regression as well as workshops on these and other skills I have studied and developed such as Lomi Ha Breath work and house clearing.


Partnering with Wendy Murdoch at  the Oakendell Centre in 2002 begat some new and interesting projects.


Weavers of Light, A Channeled Book of Knowledge for our Changing Times was first first published in 2006 offering a pathway of personal development and understanding of the evolving world and our place within it.

In 2010 we began recording monthly teaching sessions on a wide variety of topics in an effort to share the deep wisdom we were accessing. Old beliefs are challenged and deeper, wiser understandings of reality are introduced with reason and compassion. These teachings are available here at our shop

Group session events may be held near you, check the website for upcoming dates and areas.


In the summer of 2016  we erected a beautiful Mongolian Yurt on our farm where clients can meet with myself or the Council and workshops and group sessions can be hosted.  Very cool.


I am also an organic farmer, poet, Mother to four amazing daughters and Grandmother to adorable twin boys and their beutiful baby sister!   I am also a personal servant to a Siamese cat named Kato.




 Update: It has been over a year since I lost my beloved lifemate after a three year battle with mesothelioma. I took that year off due to grief. I have started back seeing clients and it feels good to move back into service.  Thank you.



You can also  visit us on Facebook, read Weavers of Light and study with the Council through our Teaching Series Conversations with Red.  You may get all you need from there!



Inter Dimensional Communications Specialist


Spiritual Counselor


Psychic Medium   *   Tarot Reading  


Deep Trance Channel


Past Life Regression  * Lomi Ha   *   House Clearing  


 Workshops   *  Lectures *    Books  


Conversations with Red Teaching Series            

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