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Popular Spirituality Internet Radio with Here On Earth on BlogTalkRadio

Krow Fischer

is an internationally known psychic & medium with over thirty years of service in the metaphysical field. Trained by spirit since childhood, she has been apprenticing with The Council of Elders for decades offering personal readings to clients around the world.

Tarot Readings, Past Life Regression, Intuitive Readings, Deep trance Channeling, Classes, Books, Conversations with Red  recordings  & on-line Classes that are coming soon.


"I have been connected to spirit for as long as I can remember & have had the rare opportunity to dedicate this lifetime to esoteric work in my everyday world.

An eager student, I have had many teachers from many cultures as I continue to explore earth potentials.  

My apprenticeship with The Council of Elders has taught me more than I could ever have hoped to learn in one lifetime &  am so very grateful for this experience, and for the ongoing connection to ‘The Quantum Fields of Knowledge’ that are there for us all to explore.

 Studying Weavers of Light & our Conversations with Red recordings and have deepened my awareness and understandings of life, an amazing opportunity offered through spirit & the Council of Elders."


Krow's office space is a beautiful Yurt situated in the tranquil setting of her Organic farm, Deva Gardens in Norwood Ontario.

You can contact Krow here




Wendy Murdoch

is a certified Herbalist & Iridologist. She has worked for over twenty years on understanding and gaining her own mastery of body energy conductivity which will bring  you a deep healing experience.

She is also a medical intuitive and gifted healer who has been studying with The Council of Elders & The Council of Healers for many years..


 In the relaxed, beautiful healing space of Oakendell, Wendy guides you through your body's energy systems, assisting you to unblock & release what your body has been holding.

Her courage to go with you into those “hard places” gives your soul the support it needs

to heal & integrate on many levels.  Her ongoing commitment to personal growth & training add an expanded depth & dimension to her personal skills as a healer.

You can contact Wendy here

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