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Here are a few of the articles that have been written over the years...


Community Press

by Alan Coxwell Campbellford - Jim Morrison and The Doors sang about opening the doors of perception in many of their songs. Morrison tried to convey what he saw on the other side of those metaphorical doors we had collectively constructed as part of our culture.  

The Doors' music played a big part in the cultural revolution which echoed through young people's minds around the world during the late 1960s and early 1970s and in a biography of Jim Morrison the story is told of Jim as a young boy in the back seat of his father's car coming upon an accident in the American southwest. An Indian, who had been riding in the back of a pickup, lay dying on the road as they approached and Jim later claimed he saw the spirit of the dying man exit its body. This was a life-changing event for a young boy. He never forgot it and felt that Indian's soul was always with him during his short stay on Earth.


Exactly what was it the young Jim Morrison saw? Did he really see with his innocent eyes the spirit of a man exiting his body? And if the spirit did exit his body, exactly where did it go?


There is now a guide practicing in this area who is ready to help people on their quest of 

understanding these mysteries of existence in this Universe and she recently set up a centre in Campbellford. On the upper floor at 27 Bridge Street West, above Sharon Garneau's Creations of Campbellford, ( since the writing of this article she has moved her office to Oakendell Centre in Warkworth Ontario)  Krow Fischer has opened a centre to help people develop their own unique ways of communicating with loved ones whose spirits have passed from their bodies through the process we know as death.  READ MORE



Northumberland Press Article


A Norwood-area deep trance channel, commonly referred to as a medium, says she has no problem with skeptics who doubt her ability to tap into information and communication beyond our physical reality.


"Skeptics are the most fun... they are generally the most blown away by the experience," says Krow Fischer, 48. "Whether one believes or doubts is a completely personal choice and while I disagree, I do respect their choice."


Deep trance channeling is an ancient form of communication brought to the attention of the mainstream by gifted channelers such as Edgar Cayce and Jane Roberts, explains Ms. Fischer. In spirituality, channeling is the communication of information to or through a person (the channel or medium) from a spirit or other paranormal entity outside the mind (or self) of the channel.


Channeling is part of the belief systems and rituals of many religions, such as shamanism, Voodoo, Kardecism and Umbanda.   READ MORE




Vitality Magazine July/Aug 2007

Sacred Journeys - Everyday Rituals & Celebrations

July 2007 Kim Elkington


Happy summer!  A few days ago, for summer solstice, I headed with friends to a traditional pipe ceremony with the Algonquin spiritual elder Grandfather William Comm-anda. We had gathered on Victoria Island, located between Hull and Ottawa, on the Ottawa River.


The sky was dark grey and, as it rained all around, William kept us dry (it’s good to be with folks who can move clouds if you don't want to get wet). Twelve pipes were passed to each of us in silence. When the pipes were put away and each of us held a pinch of tobacco over our hearts, which we would offer into the sacred fire with our prayers, Grandfather William spoke. He asked that we stay in our hearts and speak directly to nature, to send love to the earth, and to bless the water in this time of great change. Then, as he looked up with a grin, he invited the ancestors to our circle, and down came the rain. A few minutes later the sun shone hard, starting where we were, and radiating out toward Quebec and Ontario.   READ MORE





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