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Popular Spirituality Internet Radio with Here On Earth on BlogTalkRadio
Popular Spirituality Internet Radio with Here On Earth on BlogTalkRadio





We offer in depth talks

with the Council of  Elders

on a variety of inspired topics

covering world news from Spirit's perspective,

to quirky ideas and personal development.


These conversations are re-broadcast on our

Awakening Spirit Radio show.  


Public Group Session Radio Call-in Show



Hosting group sessions through a call in format  

so you can reach the Council no matter where you are in the world.







Log into blogtalk

Click on the current episode

You will have a choice of  listening on your computer, pad or phone.

You can also call the number listed to listen in by telephone.

If you wish to participate with your comments or questions, you can use the question button once you have called in,

so hosts Dave,Wendy and Sue know you are ready to talk to Red.  You can also use skype to call in and participate!



June's Topic was The Mystery Schools


May's Topic was The Power of Prayer


April's topic was Enlightenment

a discussion on awareness and the awakening of humanity. Are we in a paradigm shift, are enough people waking up

to make a difference? Where are we at?


March's Topic was Spirit Guides

Our ancestors understood the importance of staying connected to those in spirit who offer assistance,

and whether we call them guides, angels or ancestors, we are tapping in to the help and support

of the unseen realms of humanity.

 Who are these helpers and how do we connect and stay connected!

What is their intention and are there different kinds of guides?



FEBRUARY'S TOPIC ... Life after Life & What Happens In-Between

Exploring Past Lives with The Council of Elders can be heard by logging in to


Have you met people that you seem to know right away?

Have you been somewhere that you 'remember' from before?

Do you have weird phobias that you don't understand the source of?

Are you fascinated with specific time periods or cultures?


Join us live as Krow brings in 'Red' from The Council of Elders to answer YOUR questions on this interesting topic.


Wendy and Dave will be hosting The Council for this 'sure to be interesting' evening.


Donations to keep our Radio Sessions free are gratefully accepted there as well! Join us live

Call in with your questions and we will see what The Council has to say.


CLICK HERE - to Join us with your questions on

Wednesday October 21st at 7:30 PM EST  

or for listening anytime at a later date.



Youth Session witht the Council of Elders

Parts One and Two on BLOGTALK RADIO NOW!



2014 What's happening this year?  All the troubles and Hope. Now a free broadcast!


The New Economy Transitioning our Homes and Businesses towards Sustainability. Now a free broadcast!


Just log in to Blogtalk and curl up with a cup of tea and spend some time with Red.






We also offer some Public Group Session Broadcasts for you to listen in on.


Political and Environmental Climate of Earth Today  a session from Wasaga Beach September 2015  Listen Here


Animals   from a group session in Uxbridge Ontario, Oct. 2015  Listen Here


Past Sessions include


Connecting with Spirit, Communicating with the Other Side


Unsolved Mysteries and Conspiracy Theories


Dreams, What are they and how can we work with them!






Popular Spirituality Internet Radio with Here On Earth on BlogTalkRadio
Blogtalk Radio
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