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Weavers of Light

A Channeled Book of Knowledge for our Changing Times


"You are all children of the Creators

& you are all given the same access.


What you believe & perceive of yourself  & your relationship

with creation is what you weave into your realities.


This is a time of great opportunity

that has not been here for a long time.


You can take this opportunity & make that leap

in consciousness that is required to bring

all of Earth to a state of grace.


It is not meant that only a few masters benefit

from the magic of the land or the skies,

it is meant as a birthright for all souls”.

                                                               ...Red, Weavers of Light

A manual on conscious living,  Weavers of Light outlines how we create our collective realities according to our belief structures & ancient imprints.


It shows us how we have been creating these realities since the beginnings of life on Earth  

& how this has evolved the complexities in which we currently live.


It offers insight & understanding as well as very concrete tools for changing our conscious

belief structures as individuals & thereby changing the social realities we have co-created

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Weavers of Light is Available from AMAZON 

or at Oakendell Centre or Here In Yurt  


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