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Popular Spirituality Internet Radio with Here On Earth on BlogTalkRadio


Communication With Spirit


This is a weekend long Intensive

"Full participation required" workshop!  

We will have an orientation & introduction Friday night,

& spend all day Saturday & Sunday opening ourselves up

to our natural gifts in a safe, professional environment.

  We will be learning to develop clairvoyance, clairaudience,

clairsentience, teleolfactance & many other gifts

you have yet to open within yourself.

We will explore our foundations at the beginning of creation

& see how we are evolving

as the wondrous, beautiful beings we are created to be!


   We will learn to see energy fields & visions from beyond this realm,

learn to send & receive messages, learn to work with dreams & visions,

& feel with our intuitive selves. We as humans being are 'hard wired' to

communicate on so many more levels than we have developed,

& as so many of us are ready to evolve, it is time we take a weekend

to begin this amazing growth.  

There is so much to learn & develop lying dormant within ourselves

just waiting for the opportunity & guidance to open.


  We will be working with Krow who brings her many talents & skills in this field to share.

The possibilities are as vast as the universe.

Come & open up some new doorways  in a safe, supportive & professional atmosphere.

Books & tools provided! Cost $350.00


If you wish to host this or other workshops



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