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Popular Spirituality Internet Radio with Here On Earth on BlogTalkRadio
Popular Spirituality Internet Radio with Here On Earth on BlogTalkRadio

Conversations with Red Teaching Series available here 


We have been so blessed with the Council of Elders and their service to us all that we wanted to share what we were learning, and broaden our education of life and the universe as well.


The idea of recording Red's teaching came out of group session series that we were hosting in various areas that many have attended that addressed various topics, and our desire to make recordings of this

'University of Universal Education’ that was going on.


So many of you contacted us with “I had this idea / heard this message / had this dream, that you guys should record Reds teachings", that we began the task of recording as many answers as we could to the thousands of questions offered.  We used an interview format and compiled questions on the monthly topics, although often Red took us into places we had not thought of questions for. Wendy has become rather good at ripping up the 'outdated' questions and diving in to the pools of truth Red presents her with.


In January of 2010 our first teaching recording, 2012, An Earth Odyssey, came out.

Each topic seems to come out of a different sentence in his book Weavers of Light, winding and flowing, stretching and building on the information in each previous teaching as the series progresses, and yet each recording can be heard and understood on it’s own as an individual conversation with Red.


We have listened to what you want to learn about and encourage suggestions on topics. Sometimes if it will not fill a whole sessions we find a place for it within a larger topic, and sometimes question suggestions or public session questions spawn whole new topics!


We also welcome and encourage discussion groups and offer a place for your comments, questions and experience sharing on our Face Book page.

We are excited to share our access to universal wisdom with you in as many ways as we can.

Painting by Johannus Boots

The Council of Elders  are a collective group of beings whose main voice through me is a soul known as Tatananayaho, or Red. This group has been providing guidance and assistance to humankind for thousands of years and continue to bring fresh insights and understandings as we expand our awareness into this next evolution of humanity.


They say about themselves,  "We (The Council of Elders) hold ourselves outside of time and place but we interface with those of you on the physical realm of the earth plane in the capacity as counsel, as elders. We bring with us today information, overview and insight to the places that your world is heading with hopes that we can assist you through this transition time and help all of you to find your true hearts' desire."


They have assisted thousands of people on their life paths and have provided invaluable insights and understandings to those of us who have had the privilege of their mentorship.


We have some youtube clips of Red’s message that you can find on our

Here On Earth Youtube page.

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