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 In Weavers of Light, a channeled book of knowledge,

one of the things we are asked to look at is how we have

created the tapestries of our lives, to look at our ancestral,

or genetic lines and our societal fabrics, and are encouraged

to take responsibility for our part. It is not an easy thing to do,

as we are all so used to the blame/shame/guilt triangle,

that it is hard to get past that, and enter that state of grace.


Disharmony and discomfort is held on to by us,

sometimes due to ancestral wrongs, or societal wrongs,

but it is still carried on by us, as individuals.

To undo the entanglements, we must choose to take responsibility

for the threads we hold, and untangle them back to love. Sometimes this involves unwinding, or unweaving, so it seems, we are running back over the same issues over and over. Sometimes we are caught in a loop, but sometimes, I believe, we are untangling, separating our thread from the mass entanglement. I think of undoing tangled chains, or ropes, how often just loosening that one piece can begin unraveling it all. I think, what if mine is that one part, that will make it easier to undo the mess? I mean, why not try then?



Ho'oponopono is a Hawaiian healing tradition that "undoes" the threads that cause disharmony in our lives. It involves using statements and intention. While these statements have an ancient power on their own, when your conscious intention is behind it without guilt, or shame or fear, it is an extremely powerful tool of change.


I am sorry..... (statement of responsibility for our part, acceptance of that responsibility, sometimes on behalf of our ancestors, or society,...)


Please forgive me...(asking for acceptance, and understanding from the other party, engaging them in the process.)


I thank you..(an acknowledgement of all that you received from this situation)


and I love you...( To the source of all, which is creation, which is love, returning the threads untangled back to source, to Love)



You can book time with Krow to help you use this process to clear unresolved issues in your life. Cost is 80.00 for one hour.

You can contact Krow here to set up an appointment time in person or over the phone.







For some Ho'Oponopono in Action Stories, click here

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