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I started thinking about using Ho'Oponopono with the earth a while back while driving my gas powered vehicle to visit a client,  and I opened the window to say this to the land. That was easy.


I’m sorry, (I mean wow, we have been, as humans sooo bad for this planet...)

Please forgive me..( I still drive around, buy plastic, contribute to the poison, and wastage...)

I thank you...( Oh, for everything!!! all life, everything!)

and I love you..(how could I not?)


Then, I was suddenly behind a big gas guzzling truck with a trailer with an off road vehicle and a crate with a dog in it.

The guy was in full fatigues, with a gun rack...and no turn signal...

Oh ya, big guy, doesn't have to signal, he has a gun! and a big truck...everyone else should get out of his way!!! pissed me off.....


bang. wow. Walk your talk girl..... Right, live your truth and all of that, so grudgingly I Ho=Oponopono'd the situation.


I said the words to him...and saw, ...ancestress’ back in history, warriors coming in to farming villages, fishing villages, in Europe, the men helpless while their wives and daughters were raped, sons taken off to be soldiers in someone else's wars, farmers, fishermen not trained to fight. I saw the women turn on the men, “Why did you not fight, why did you let this happen?” I saw the identification with the soldiers as the powerful ones, the ones who could take or provide food, take or spare life, and I saw the women raising their sons to be like that, to be protectors, defenders, warriors.


I saw this in the Ancestress’ in North American villages, where getting a gun and signing the papers meant life and food, a right to live, where the warriors of the other side were emulated and the pipe carriers were disrespected and mocked, ...I saw how hard it must be to live up to this expectation, to always be tough, always be strong. I saw how many men have heart attacks and live emotionally crippled, and how that was created.


I saw men today trying to live out this legacy and being blamed and accused for their behavior, dying years ahead of their women from stress related disease, saw the alcohol and drugs of self medication, saw the depression and lack of confidence that comes from trying and trying and never getting it right. I saw the results manifested in a generation of boys who never got to be men.


I’m sorry, so sorry to have put this upon you

please forgive me, I acted out of fear and ignorance, all these generations...

I thank you, for all you have done to defend, to fight for us, to provide a life...

and I love you...and wish you peace, to be.


Very powerful.

I am going to say these words whenever I feel disharmony, and see where they lead, untangle the reality, and bring it back to love. No matter how many generations, from which ancestors, or which societies. It’s good work to do.

I am sorry, Please forgive me, I thank you, and I love you.

Good practice to carry out, world wide

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