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House clearing is offered and practical solutions sought for those

who wish to keep a harmonious living space

or to clear a new home,

a home they are trying to sell,  

or for those who have strange goings on they need to have delt with.


Those “bumps in the night that unnerve and mystify often have a simple and many times electrical source, but sometimes may be “echos” of previous energies, or souls who are confused and need to be taken home.


Either way, I offer my services in clearing your home from unwanted occurences and will help you learn keep your house clear and harmonious. Like most of my skills, I have learned my trade directly from spirit and appreciate their ongoing assistance in clearing where needed.


Homes are living entities that take on the essence of those who live there.


Therapy for your house, helping it to evolve and healing it from any abusive energies from past experience is how I look at it.  

I have been assisting in clearing space for decades and have a whole suitcase of interesting paraphernalia I have collected for particular situations over the years that I will bring to your home or business place.

Sage smoke may be used, but if there are allergies I do have an essential oil spray smudge product that works made by a local healer.


Part of the time I may need to be alone if warranted, but most often I want to be showing you how to clear your own home and maintain the clarity we establish.


The cost of clearing depends on travel time and severity of the situation, but ballparks between 100 and 300 dollars.


Please contact me through e-mail at


But before you do, I reccomend listening to our

House & Home recording

which has a bredth and depth of information

that you can utilize yourself!

You may find your own solutions and not need my services!


LINK to House & Home Creating Sacred Space

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