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A very few people can be eligible for an intense surgery that has the potential to remove the cancer, but you loose all of your inner lining, fatty tissue and any belly parts that may have been affected. Most often, once the big cut happens, they find the disease has gone too far. Every step of the way are obstacles to get through, tests to pass to be eligible for this surgery.. There are only six hospitals in Canada that are able to do this operation and we are so lucky that this procedure is done right near us in Toronto, and that one of the world’s top teams does it, and that our country's taxpayers would foot the bill.

Wendy had her own somewhat less serious situation going on. What the heck, we thought. Talk about having to put into action everything the CDs have taught us over the years about creating the preferred outcome!

As of the last newsletter Dave was not comfortable being public, but that all has changed. We needed help, a lot of help, to fly through the meteor shower that our lives were passing through and we needed all hands on deck. We asked for help. We shared our story with friends and family and had a ‘chat line’ on Face Book of Lantern keepers, some of the best and wisest healers I know as a first call support team.


We started a Face Book group for Dave’s colleagues, friends and family so that I could update everyone at once. The chat group I called on for months for advice, opinions, faith and encouragement.

We held the slogan ‘Best Possible Outcome’ and my Soul Sister in Australia got the T-shirt, and wore it.


It takes a village to save a life, to make miracles happen. What we learned from everyone involved is that in being open, sharing our story, and allowing help from everyone, we created space for a community to evolve. We heard from so many that they felt empowered when they had something to do, they had a place to put their energy into action rather than worry!

One friend set up a gofundme to pay bills while we are off work, and to pay for supplements and stuff needed for home convalescence. I was focused, as Mary suggested, on the Best Possible Outcome. If I needed a hospital bed, that could happen, but we set up a recliner instead. Short term. People made bone broths, probiotic drinks, Wendy and Dave’s sons took shifts with Dave and my daughters took  cooked, brought breakfasts and dinners to the hospital, a colleague loned us her condominium, literally 2 subway stops away.

And the prayers. We felt them all. It is true, everything Red taught in the CD on Prayers. We were buoyed up by them, we navigated our way through by them, we learned to trust life, and to let it flow. We literally surfed the waves of hope and intention for Best Possible Outcome that our village held for us, and that intention, held by so many loving people, carried us to shore. It was an intense operation, we have the report. During a scary part, I asked for extra prayer, and on the report it shows, how he suddenly stabilized and they were able to continue with the operation.

As Wendy neared her loved one's hospital date, we asked for lanterns for her. She told me she woke up one morning full of hope and energy. I told her I had asked for the focus to shift to her. The prayer group just held for both of us. You know, it does not diminish the sun to shine on two trees instead of one, love is like that.

Both Wendy and I are home looking after our loved ones today. Both are alive and doing well, recovering very quickly.

Dave has against all odds, made it through the surgery, missing only a spleen, gallbladder, and much of his colon and intestines, all of his lining (peritoneum) and fatty tissue (omentum). He does not have a bag and all his vital organs are intact, albeit a little raw. They got 97% of the cancer out of him and believe that the hot chemo flush he had during the operation would get the last little bit. He is a very, very rare survivor of this horrid disease. A miracle happened.

He was home at exactly 2 weeks, like he told the surgeons when they told him it would be four weeks in the hospital.

When the doctors came in and found him sitting up strumming his ukulele, they decided he would do better at home and here we are.

I am able to be his full time nurse and personal chef. We have had our local acupuncturist and RTM come in for body work, and once Wendy’s charge is up and about she will be by as well. A holistic nutritionist gave us council, nurses come every other day, people come to give me breaks so I can restock and get out of the house. We have an entire village of support that has allowed Dave to not only be alive, but to thrive. It is a long road of recovery ahead, he is still pretty weak and has lost a lot of weight, but we are not alone in this. We have never been alone.

We need to learn his new body’s needs and increase nutrition.

We used all the information in the virus and bacteria CD to work with his body bacteria, and all the wisdom we gleaned from the Body Consciousness CD.

We navigate the things that happen, and when emergencies arise we turned to our village for advice. Two women who have gone through this procedure share their experienced knowledge and our very enlightened friends offer homeopathic, herbal, spiritual and psychological advice. Musicians come and play music.

It does take a village to save a life, to make miracles happen.

We are living proof of that. We are so fortunate to have had the training from the Council's teachings to work with, so fortunate to have so many friends in spirit as well as those of you here in the flesh and blood.


I am so grateful to all of you who held me, carried me and calmed me through this horrendous journey. Great gratitude to the staff of Mount Siani who were brilliant and amazingly compassionate and kind.


Thank you life. Thank you village. We made it. We have a future.

Dave says, please, when you are in trouble, let people in, let them help. It gives people a way to contribute, to be part of a really good outcome.

Everyone involved in this village have grown and evolved through this 'Best Possible Outcome''. Who knew that intention would embrace and heal so much! Any past misunderstandings were healed, so many people were drawn in to the love, and came to be very close to us. Even the ICU, step down and regular floor nurses cried as we were leaving, so happy for Dave they were.


We were surprised at the people we did not know well who showed up and gave so much support. We made new deeper friendships.

It seems our call brought many together, including people Dave had not heard from in decades and even a letter from someone who wanted to thank Dave for the impact he had on his life at a chance meeting 30 odd years ago!

Our call for Best Possible Outcome healed rifts and deepened bonds, many people showed their true colours to be colours of love. Love gathers love. Hope gathers hope. Those that responded became our village.


All we had to do was ask for help and it was there, tenfold. We learned that it really is a friendly universe. Thank you for the miracle. Thank you for Dave's life.


..Update. The cancer came back as of September 2016... now we begin the chemo rounds still filled with hope, faith and support from so many for


We ask our friends to imagine something very fun you are sharing with us, an adventure, a story, a precious momenbt shared.. and anchor us in that future memory of yours. We'll do our best to see you there!

It Takes a Village

February 2016


February means we survived January, and for many around the world, it has been an intense beginning of this new Gregorian year.

We have been called to sobriety, to become responsible earth citizens, and to learn how to create a better future.

Wendy and I spent most of the first week together at Mount Siani Hospital where my beloved underwent an 18 hour operation to remove all the asbestos tumours from his abdomen. Peritoneal Mesothelioma is a very rare and deadly disease that strikes mostly older white men who have a history with asbestos.

You have to have eaten some in the past 20 to 50 years as that is how long it takes for ingested asbestos to form a network of tumours that invade the lining of the body. It is not detectable in any tests, and as it is a longstanding part of the body by then, it does not show up even for the best of healers. It is usually far too late before it is detected to offer more than a few months of palliative care.


It was discovered because during a hernia operation in September the surgeon came across a little lump of what he thought was fatty tissue, and ‘Just to be on the safe side’ sent it in for a biopsy. The diagnosis that followed came the same day Dave found out his brother had died of a heart attack in northern BC.

It was devastating news and I was scared.

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