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Popular Spirituality Internet Radio with Here On Earth on BlogTalkRadio

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Krow Fischer

Inter-dimensional Communications Specialist

aka Psychic Consultant.



A lifetimes' long study of metaphysics from many different cultural perspectives have opened opportunities for growth & awareness that have intersected in this lifetime in ways that just seem magical.


I am in awe of this universe & all of the teachers & opportunities that have been offered & gratefully accepted.


Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Here on Earth's physical location for my services in on Deva Gardens near norwood Ontario my organic farm where I meet with you in our beautiful Mongolian Yurt.


It is a magical space, utterly peaceful and deeply grounded and I am so happy to be able to walk to work! Workshops and group sessions are also facilitated here.


While maintaining my commitment to the Councils of Elders in their work on earth

I am continuing to doing more of my work ‘awake’.


I have been in training with the Council for over thirty years (this lifetime!)

& have a pretty good connection with spirit without going into deep trance.

It is high time I broaden the use of that training!


I offer Personal Psychic Readings and Tarot Card Sessions to address your life,

your love, career & any issues or challenges that you are facing

or whatever guidance may be needed to shape-shift your chosen reality

for your highest purpose, highest healing & highest truth.


These sessions are an hour long allowing you to dive in as deep as you want to go, assisting with practical advice and applicable wisdom as I connect with

your personal team of advisors, as well as drawing from the Council's gracious offerings. These sessions can be in person, or through telephone or Skype!


Past Life Regression &  Lomi Ha Breathwork , Healing Sessions, House Clearing and Ho'Oponopono work is offered as healing tools of soul reclamation

& exploration of deeper understandings of self.


You can come to Here In Yurt, Deva Gardens in Norwood ON or arrange a telephone session for personal readings.

Some questions can easily be addressed through e-mail correspondence.  


I continue teaching classes as I have for the last three decades,

& will be adding in some interesting new ones!


You can contact me here


Just a heads up. My partner is dealing with a very serious illness, peritoneal mesothelioma, an asbestos caused cancer,  that requires me in a caretaking role, chauffer & companion to appointments in USA & Ontario.

This means sometimes I may have to move scheduled appointments

& will not be available at all times.

I cannot work when things are too stressful, so my clients need to be flexible during these rough years of healing! Thank you for all the support you have shown us

throughout this intense journey back to his healthy self!

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Interview with Krow

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