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Krow Fischer

Inter-dimensional Communications Specialist

aka Psychic Consultant.  



A lifetimes' long study of metaphysics from many different cultural perspectives have opened opportunities for growth & awareness that have intersected in this lifetime in ways that just seem magical.


I am in awe of this universe & all of the teachers & opportunities that have been offered & gratefully accepted.


Thank you, thank you, thank you.

COVID UPDATE I will resume visits in person at the yurt once our population practices safe methods of interaction long enough to stop cases from developing.

As we are now, I am offering telephone, skype or zoom sessions for channeling, personal and tarot sessions. My other offerings will have to wait until we all heal.  


We are still Here On Earth but I have moved location from Oakendell to Deva Gardens, my organic farm where I can meet you in our beautiful Mongolian Yurt.

It is a magical space, utterly peaceful and deeply grounded and I am so happy to be able to walk to work! Workshops and group sessions are also facilitated here.


While maintaining my commitment to the Councils of Elders in their work on earth, I am continuing to doing more of my work ‘awake’.


I have been in training with the Council for over thirty years (this lifetime!)

& have a pretty good connection with spirit without going into deep trance.

It is high time I broaden the use of that training!


I offer Personal Psychic Readings and Tarot Card Sessions to address your life,

your love, career & any issues or challenges that you are facing

or whatever guidance may be needed to shape-shift your chosen reality

for your highest purpose, highest healing & highest truth.


These sessions are an hour long allowing you to dive in as deep as you want to go, assisting with practical advice and applicable wisdom as I connect with

your personal team of advisors, as well as drawing from the Council's gracious offerings. These sessions can be in person, or through telephone zoom or



Past Life Regression &  Lomi Ha Breathwork ,  House Clearing and Ho'Oponopono work still continue to be offered as healing tools of soul reclamation & exploration of deeper understandings of self.  


You can come to Here In Yurt, Deva Gardens in Norwood ON or arrange a telephone session for personal readings. Some questions can easily be addressed through e-mail correspondence.  I continue teaching classes as I have for the last three decades, & will be adding in some interesting new ones!


You can contact me here

Interview with Krow

About Channelling from Spirit's perspective

Articles written about Krow's work & testemonials

can be read here   

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What is Channeling
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