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Let’s Get Stoned!

Do you pick up rocks and carry them around in your pocket and are not sure why?

Ever wondered why some Quartz crystal faces have 7 sides and some have only 5 or why some crystals have horizontal ridges or striations naturally etched into their bodies?

Did you ever wonder if the colour and shape of a stone or gem has significance?


Join Cindy Fougere and Krow Fischer for a day of play with the Stone Beings.

Rocks and minerals have so much to share with us and as Cindy has spend decades extracting wisdom of the Stone beings from the Council of Elders through krow’s mediumship,

we have a lot to talk about!


For instance, did you know that Chrysocolla is the perfect stone for introverts to carry in their pocket or that Emerald is a great helper for manifesting; especially in areas of finance?

Brecciated Jasper can help one to re-connect with their life-force and its vibration is wonderful for easing depression; Gold draws only pure, positive, life-enhancing energies through itself;

and Golden Tiger Eye is the ultimate dreaming stone for astral travellers!


Every shape, colour and placement in the earth tells us the stories of the stones.


Bring your personal crystals and stones and join us for an introductory workshop at

Here On Earth’s Yurt on Deva Gardens, in Norwood’s drumlin hills.


1 day workshop

Cost $100.

Lunch and snacks provided.


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