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We begin by setting an intention of a goal you would like to reach.

Perhaps you have not been lucky in love and wish to change that in your life,

allowing healthy relationships to manifest or maybe you have noticed that

your life has continued to perpetuate bad experiences and you want that to change!  

Finance, career, family, wherever your life seems off the mark,

we will set a clear statement of intention, an arrow pointed in the right direction.


From here you settle yourself on the massage table and we work with oxygen,

the ‘breath of life’ to stimulate any blockages held within that hinder your path

to the goal of intention set. This is deep emotional work that may surface

stories and experiences from lifetimes of held emotional charge and can be very intense.


My job is to hold space for you and go with you into those places that have held your life hostage and assist you in freeing yourself so that you may experience your life the way you are meant to experience it, in divine bliss.




The cost is 70.00 for a session that will require a morning or an afternoon of our intense focus.


Please wear comfortable clothing and be sure to have prepared yourself for this experience by making sure you are well hydrated and well  nourished. Please do not have any alcohol or mind altering drugs in your system.

No partying the night before!


You can email me to book your time at







I have been studying with Hawaiian Kahunas

Harry and Sila Jim       www.  

for many years now and have taken their classes over and over, here on the mainland and also in Hawaii.


My favourite part of the Lomilomi work is the Ha Breath,

which I personally have experienced as transformational

in the deepest levels.


I am excited to offer it here for any who are interested in this profound experience.

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