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An interactive exploration of other times and places!


I have been facilitating soul healing through history for decades with a gentle and respectful technique that honours your own process and psyche. This method I evolved over the years uses a gentle practice of memory stimulation that has you experiencing your own memory interpretation while in a deep relaxed state.


Follow up time allows space for debriefing and discussion as you integrate the energy and knowledge discovered about yourself. There is so much more than we know, so much to remember and explore about ourselves.


Phobias, patterns, relationships, talents and knowledge as well as many health issues that surface in our lives, the roots are often found in the past. This is soul retrieval in it’s truest sense, we can undo patterns that you carry from the past as well as explore ‘between lives’ for greater clarity and understanding of your purpose and desires for your current incarnation.


The sky is not the limit for this kind of work and we have used it to explore other planetary and dimensional existences as well as 'time' spent in spirit 'between' lives.


A regression may take up to an hour, plus at least a half hour to debrief.


Wear comfortable clothes as you will be on a massage table and be prepared to take some time after your session to really integrate and work with the memories you have evoked.


I recommend a quiet space and a warm bath after a session!

Painting by Johannus Boots

You can book your Regression  by contacting Krow at




Cost is $130.00 and includes follow up consultation if requested and a$50.00 deposit is reqired.


You can pay with by etransfer to


or arrange to call me ahead and I can process your credit card through 'Square".


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