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What you said....


Thank you for this Krow, I loved the book and read it several times and If I could remember where I put it (or who I gave it to) I would read it again. It seems organization is not a quality my soul chose to express. LOL I cant wait for the book on Healing. Please let me know the second it is complete or put me on as a pre-order. I'm lovin’ it. Blessings to all you weavers and may the peace that is you, extend it's greatness into all on this grand planet and beyond to the infinite. R.R


Hi everyone..This book has had such a profound effect on the way that I look at many these days. As well as my time spent with Red..I have lost count of the times I have spoke to him..I am on my 4th time reading it and enjoy it more each time...Ok I am a slow learner!!


I too have broken many patterns and re-evaluated my beliefs on not just how I look at the world and the universe, but most importantly.Myself!


For those who have not had the opportunity yet to read this book..Try to take the time..I have read many books on spiritual subjects..From Arthur Findlay who brought many printed words on the subject at the turn of this century to Deepak Chopra with many in between. This book has had the most influence on me of them all. And now all I feel I want to do is share this wonderful knowledge with others..


Hear the voice if you can..It's talking to you.  Blessings Krow and to all of you "Weavers of Light"..




I have read Weavers of Light a few times, and will read it again, and again, and again, and on and on........The thing is, there is so much in the book to understand, that is the beauty of it.


The Elders are reeeeeeaaaaally cool that way, they give information on so many layers, and so subtly, that you don't even know that they have just rocked your foundation, and blew out the comfortable walls that you have.......... the walls of understanding get moved out, as my consciousness expands. That is what is sooooo cool about them, and the book! They are so gently, so subtle and soooooooo understated, but all of the information is there, for lifetimes worth of understanding.


It's kind of like looking at a ball of light, and only seeing 2 or 3 colours.....then the longer you look at it, relax and take it in, you start to see 5 and 6 colours, then the more you look, and relax, and take it in, you see 10 and 12 colours, and it keeps going and going and thing you know.....??!!!


That is what the book is like, and the best part of it is, that it's true, it resonates entirely true.....and is not like reading some book from some Guru wantabee, that goes on about fragmented spiritual truths, that you can't understand, because it's like a ramble of spiritual bits and pieces that he/she collected, and barfed them all up on paper, and they take you nowhere.......

The first part of the book is like the history of our collective world, and the second part discusses the huge potential of our soul.....that is personally where I am at these days, understanding the potential of the human body, and the human experience.....


It has been said that 98.5% of our dna is not even ignited!!!!! That means, that we are only using 1.5% of our potential!!!????? Imagine what our souls can do in the human body.......did Jesus not say, " You can do as I do, and more" That is what he meant!

Super freaking excited about it all........!!!!

Thanks for the book, Krow..........don't know what I would do with out Red!   D.T.

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