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Popular Spirituality Internet Radio with Here On Earth on BlogTalkRadio


I have been connected to spirit and have worked with my clairvoyant,

clairaudient and clairsentient abilities since early childhood and offer

these gifts in service to those who may benefit.

My decades of apprentice with the Council of Elders have been an honour

and a privilege that has taught me more than any living teachers could have.


A personal session with me can address concerns you may have about

your life purpose, your love life, your work or career, and any personal

issues or challenges that you are facing.


We can discuss possible future scenarios so that you can map your life path with deeper insight and awareness.


Connections with Guides and loved ones crossed over, as well as insight from past lives may present during our time together, and my job is to bring you the information as it 'appears'.


These sessions will be hour long and will allow you to dive in as deep as you want to go and will assist with practical advice as I connect with your personal team of advisors as well as drawing from the Councils gracious offerings.


Taking the time to formulate your questions allows us to get at the understandings needed

to shape shift your life into the joy it is meant to express.


I sometimes like to add in the Tarot cards for more interaction with your personal unconscious and super-conscious self if appropriate.


You can come to Deva Gardens in person or book a telephone or skype session with me.


The cost is $80.00 for the hour and is recorded for you.


$50 deposit is requested to reserve your appointment time.




email me at



To pay the deposit, or prepay for your session


for Canadians who use on-line banking,

you can e-mail your deposits or payments direct through e-mail money transfer to


Those wishing to use credit cards can call me ahead and I can process it through 'Square'.


Personal Sessions with Krow 

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