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Welcome to our next reality of co-creative existence.


This book was channeled from a group of souls known as The Council of Elders, Record Keepers, or Ancient Ones.  This collective group has been providing guidance and assistance to humankind for thousands of years, and they continue to bring fresh insights and understandings, as we expand our conscious ability to comprehend.


As our soul evolution continues, we are now ready to understand new concepts of reality, and are willing to take further responsibility for our co-creation here.


When the students are ready…The book will be here.


What’s it all about?


It's about taking responsibility for our individual souls, each one of us, not leaving it up to a religion or a guru or a society, or even God him or her self.


It's about becoming aware of yourself, and your relationship to all our relations, and being responsible for that.


It's about becoming aware of your genetic ancestors and your family patterns,

and making decisions about how much responsibility you want to take there.


It's about becoming aware of all of the patterns we chose, and why we chose them.


It teaches us gently but firmly how to begin this daunting task, of becoming conscious

co-creators of the next reality.


Many of us are aware that we are at that prophesy time, that we are at the end of one world, and that a new world is emerging.


We know the kids are different, and new technology alone is enough to slingshot us into global unification but there is also the unprecedented awakening of many new mental and “psychic” awareness that we are witnessing all over the world as the people rise to take their rightful place as co-creators of reality on earth.


This book is about how as individuals, we can go about influencing the collective, and it's about time!

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