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I consider the tarot a sacred tool that can be used to create a picture story that give us deeply personal life insights.

All realities that we experience come out of the cause and effect of our projected patterns, so understanding what patterns we are creating can show us where we are heading and where we have been. i was taught the tools of this trade from spirit, the understandings of the arcana cards and their meaning in our lives may be different than what is commercially taught.

Over the four decades of practice I have seen that these teachings are spot on.

The cards can be used as a divination tool, but also can give us the opportunity to change patterns that we do not wish to continue creating.

They can show us things that are going on that we may not be aware of or may have been uncomfortable examining.

Looking at it like a story, offers the opportunity to take an overview of our present situation so we can make informed decisions for our future..

They also can give us insights into people in our life and those that may be coming in!  

If this sounds like what you need right now in your life you can book an appointment with me.  

Cost is $80.00 You are free to record, photograph or video the session!  Learn More


I also teach workshops on reading the Tarot and you can look here on our schedule to see when the next class is up.

If you have a group of friends that would like to take the class together e-mail me and we can talk about how to go about setting up a class.

Host or hostess takes the class in exchange for hosting it.  Learn More



Channeling Sessions

I have been working as a deep trance channel for over thirty years, much of that time with The Council of Elders

As a channel, my task is to keep myself physically, mentally and emotionally clear so that I can ‘step aside’ and allow the awareness of the council to transmit through my physical being. A deep trance session involves some ‘shape shifting’ as Red’s ancient personality imbues my being allowing him to communicate directly with us, through my body. There is a science in this work, laws of resonance, quantum field frequency, even gravity holds an important place in this work.


Channeling is a common practice in South and Central America and I have had conversations with channellers from Ecuador,

heard of how the Council channels through in the village of a young man from Peru who attended a group session, met folks from Hawaii who met them trough anther channel, and arranged for us to meet! I have had long conversations with wisdom keepers ‘accidentally met’ in El Salvadore, Guatemala, Belize, and pretty much anywhere I travel. The mystics are out there, all over the world.


I have met elder channellers from England and Scotland where this work is also common part of a tens of thousands of year tradition throughout Europe.


Most people in Asian countries rely on their channellers and psychics to bring insights for all aspects of life.

This is a human experience, a human gift that we all share. I am grateful that my ancestors have entrusted me to carry on this ancient tradition.


I have the huge privilege of being one of the many channellers of this group, The Council of Elders.


Their monthly teaching CDs are a master class of ancient knowledge brought to the understandings of our modern reality with sensible concepts and practical applications. Much of what we have been taught in our world has been based on misinformation and the Council bring us a fresh view of ourselves that reaches deep into our collective psyche. Uplifting and hopeful, sober and realistic, their advice and wisdom has been a great privilege for so many of us.              Visit our Store for a complete list of CDs.


Although I have had to cut way back on the time I spend in trance due to illness my beloved is warrior-ing through, Group sessions will continue in Ontario and internationally as he recovers and time permits.

Individual sessions are available at our yurt at Deva Gardens, or over the telephone or by Skype. Just know sometimes I have to move my scedule to accomodate our journey.

Cost for an individual channeling session with the Council is $200 for an hour long trance session and 300 for an hour and a half.

You can inquire about  booking a session here.  


Public group sessions take place throughout the year in various locations and are posted under schedule.




Before I worked with the council I offered personal readings using my own skills as a clairvoyant and clairaudient to assist people in making connections to loved ones and their own guides and guardians and higher selves. Transition times in life often require an objective voice of reason and encouragement and I offer this in one on one sessions. Reflecting on the path that brought you to this point, making choices and changes and coming to resolution are the goals of each personal session.

I can see and experience communication with your guides and loved ones, and do my best to be as clear as I can.


In all the years I have been studying with The Council, I have learned a thing or two that I think can be very helpful no matter what is going on in your life. A personal session with me is $80.00 for an hour and is recorded.

Inquire here to book an appointment or read more here.


Past Life Regression

I was introduced to past life regression work in my early twenties and have made many journeys into my own past, allowing a deep level of healing and growth. Over the years, with the help and support of my wonderful guides, or FWB (Friends without bodies LOL)

I have developed a safe, non-invasive effective way to make personal forays into other lifetimes. A session can take up to an hour and a half and can be pretty intense!

You can learn more or book an appointment here


I also teach this technique in a three day course of personal exploration. Read more..




I have had the great privilege of being a student of Harry and Sila Jim. a kahuna couple from the Big Island of Hawaii who have been teaching some of us ‘mainlanders’ the ancient wisdom passed down through their ancestral lineage.

Lomi Ha is an intense breath-work protocol that allows your set intention to dissolve any barriers or blockages that prevent you from expressing your highest being. I offer this in the safety and security of my yurt, in the middle of a year circle at Deva Gardens near Norwood Ontario.

You can read more or book time here.


Ho’ Oponopono is a daily practice passed on by Harry and Sila that is a great tool I use now in my everyday work in the world, a wonderful gift of magic freely offered to all. They have encouraged me to share this knowledge where I can, so  combined it with work I had been doing on healing ancestral lines. There is a perfect resonance there that I turned into a class.  More about Ho-Oponopono here 



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