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I worked as a psychic/medium long before I began my deep trance work with The Council, and after all the years in study with them, I am returning more to my original way of counseling.


I still offer sessions with Red and  group sessions and updates from On Being Human will keep The Council relevent.  


We now have 75 topics covered in our Conversations with Red series!

Well, covered does not do it, as I feel each recording also opened up new discussions that I did not know existed. It has been an awareness stretch for sure!


Many things have changed since those old days of personal sessions back in my 20s, and I am grateful for the increased awareness and perception I have been able to gain through my study with The Council. I feel it allows me to understand and advise on a very deep level now.


Another thing that has changed is the technology!

I am enjoying using skype for personal sessions. It is an interesting experience, as I had wondered if I would be as clear when my client is not physically present. Of course, intellectually I know that events register outside of time and place, but when in practice it is cool to witness the same phenomenon of ‘movie images’ and information downloads while looking at a computer screen!


This technology allows me to be of service to anyone who shares English as a language, and has access to a decent Skype or Facetime connection.


I offer skype or facetime personal, non trance sessions in a question answer format for $80.00 sessions as an alternative to the deep trance sessions with The Council.


I am also offering group trance sessions with Red and the Council via Skype or Facetime on topics of interest, or topics specific to your group. This way the Council Teachings can be accessible to people wherever they live. We have done this a few times with Hawaii and they used a television screen to project Red to the group. It allows an intimate and inclusive feel to the session. (I would prefer to be flown to Hawaii to do the session, but, oh well…. it is more cost effective and environmentally sane to do it this way. LOL)


You can contact me here

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