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Tarot cards are an ancient form of self development based upon the archetypical imagery we have created as a collective whole. Using these images, your unconscious self  lays a “story” in imagery !


I have been studying and working with Tarot since my teen years, ( a long time!)

and have been teaching classes in this art for decades. I love doing readings with Tarot,

it still fascinates me just how uncannily accurate the cards can be.


My job as the reader is to tell you the story you are presenting to yourself. I also use my skills of clairvoyance and clairaudience to access further information from your guides and guardians.


I use a variety of card types, Tarot as well as divination cards to assist in creating clarity for your personal understanding and guidance.


CHAKRA READING I have developed a system of divination and insight based upon the charka system. This reading helps you assess the patterns you are holding and how they are or are about to manifest that reality in your life. Working on making the changes necessary, can transform what you are  unconsciously creating into a conscious and responsible life path.


SPIRAL READING This more traditional reading looks at where you have been, where you are now, and where you are heading. Understanding your patterns and changing them can enhance, or alter your life. Love, Life, Career,  Personal development and Healing.  Both types of readings will bring answers for all these intertwined aspects of your life.


....and YES with SKYPE or FACETIME we can do tarot for those too far away to get to the yurt!


Readings are of course recorded for your future reference.


Tarot Readings are $80.00



If you have a Canadian account you can email transfer to


If you prefer to pay with credit card you can call me ahead and I can process your card through 'Square".

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