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Telephone sessions are $225.00  for a one hour, and $340.00 for an hour and a half recorded session and payment is required in advance.

All funds in Canadian currency please.


If you use on-line banking IN CANADA You may use e-mail money transfer to (probably the least expensive and fastest way)


you may call ahead and I can process your credit card through 'square'.



Please e-mail us your telephone number, and the email address for your MP3 file to be sent to.


 We will call you at your appointment time using a skype line for better quality recordings.

Be sure  you are in a quiet private environment where you will not be disturbed.

Prepare your questions & perhaps say a prayer, inviting in your guides for assistance, connecting with the Creator, as we do on our end.

Krow will be in trance, with the ‘Red’ on hand and whomever is helping will facilitate on our end. They will not be able to hear your converation as we take great mesure to protect your privacy.

We offer ‘dropbox’  options for MP3 files where you can ‘pick-up’ your mp3 file on line.   We would send you an e-mail invitation to join ‘dropbox’ where you can download your mp3 recording.

This would be ready the next day.


You are welcome, and encouraged to record on your end as well!


We understand that life happens and if you need to move your appointment we need 48 hours notice.  Your payment will then secure your new appointment time.


 A channeling session begins with a prayer of dedication & intention.

Krow is then “counted backwards” until the state of connection is made with the council, allowing their essence to transmit through hers.

She is in a “sleep state” during these transmissions, and her body and voice are overshadowed by Tatananayaho’s ancient personality.


It is a good idea to spend some time writing down the questions you wish to cover in your session. This helps you to organize your time with the elders to your best advantage. There are no right or wrong questions, and anything that is important to you is treated with respect and compassion in the answering.

The possible topics can cover your everyday life, personal soul history and purpose, or can extend to world events and all the way out into the cosmos.

Practical, applicable, and life changing counsel is offered with a loving compassion that empowers each of us to be living our best.




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