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I  offer some channeling times for in-person sessions while expanding access to the Council through on-line classes, Conversations with Red recorded teachings & group sessions.  

I am keeping a few spaces available each week  for those who require full deep trance channeling, but am offering more frequent personal readings from an awake state  through my connection to spirit.   Whichever offering you choose, I will provide the best advice I can access.


A channeling session begins with a prayer of dedication & intention.  I am then “counted backwards” until the state of connection is made with the council, allowing their essence to transmit through.  I am in a “sleep state” during these transmissions,  as my body and voice are overshadowed by Red’s ancient personality.


It is a good idea to spend some time writing down the questions you wish to cover in your sessionas this helps you to organize  your time with the elders to your best advantage.  There are no right or wrong questions, anything that  is important to you is treated with respect & compassion. The possible topics can cover your everyday life, personal soul history & life purpose,  or can extend to  world events and all the way out into the cosmos.   Practical, applicable & life changing counsel is offered with a loving compassion that empowers each of us to be living our best.


Come in person to our beautiful Mongolian yurt office space on Deva Gardens near Norwood Ontario

or book a telephone session at your convenience. Krow is easiest to reach through e-mail at

Please contact meto set up a time for you, or if you have furter questions.

Channeling sessions are $200.00 for one hour and  $ 300 for 1 1/2 hour sessions and a $50 deposit is requested to reserve your appointment time. Sessions are recorded for you, but you are welcome to record yourself as well.


Telephone sessions are $225.00 for an hour time and $ 335.00 for an hour and a half  

and are to be paid in full before your session to reserve your request.


We are offering Group sessions for you and your interest group through SKYPE!

Cost is $300 for a one hour session and you can set this up in your own home or organizational space

using skype and a television screen for an intimate evening with The Council.

Contact us if you are interested in hosting one of these sessions, and bring Red to your group!


For Canadians who use on-line banking,

you can e-mail your deposits or payments direct through e-mail money transfer to


You can also phone ahead and pay by credit card through square.




What is Channeling

Krow in Trance

as Red explains Channeling from Spirit's perspective.

Deep Trance Channeling with the Council of Elders 

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