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Popular Spirituality Internet Radio with Here On Earth on BlogTalkRadio
Today's World. Turmoil, Uprising and Hope

This broadcast is from a February 2014 recording of Wendy Murdoch's interview with Red and The Council of Elders on 'What is happening in our world today?


 The Council of Elders are a collective group of beings whose main voice through Krow Fischer is a soul known as Tatananayaho, or Red. This group has been providing guidance and assistance to humankind for thousands of years and continues to bring fresh insights and understandings as we expand our awareness into the next evolution of humanity.


They say about themselves,  "We (The Council of Elders) hold ourselves outside of time and place but we interface with those of you on the physical realm of the earth plane in the capacity as counsel, as elders. We bring with us today information, overview and insight to the places that your world is heading with hopes that we can assist you through this transition time and help all of you to find your true hearts' desire."


They have assisted thousands of people on their life paths and have provided invaluable insights and understandings to those of us who have had the privilege of their mentorship.

interview 1 of 2
interview 2 of 2
What is Channeling
Nature of Earth, Councel of Elders
Animal Realm
What Is Evil
2012 An Earth Odessey
Origins of the Universe

Part One of an interview by Wendy with Krow on what it's like to be a channeler...

Part two of the interview, going into trance and then Red's viewpoint on channeling, from spirit's side.  

Nature of Earth, on the  Plant Beings  


2012 An Earth Odyssey

What exactly IS channeling... from spirit's perspective!  


This is a co-creation, an amazing manifestation of 'What IF" 

What is Evil?


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