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Vitality Magazine July/Aug 2007

Sacred Journeys - Everyday Rituals & Celebrations

July 2007 Kim Elkington


Happy summer!  A few days ago, for summer solstice, I headed with friends to a traditional pipe ceremony with the Algonquin spiritual elder Grandfather William Comm-anda. We had gathered on Victoria Island, located between Hull and Ottawa, on the Ottawa River.


The sky was dark grey and, as it rained all around, William kept us dry (it’s good to be with folks who can move clouds if you don't want to get wet). Twelve pipes were passed to each of us in silence. When the pipes were put away and each of us held a pinch of tobacco over our hearts, which we would offer into the sacred fire with our prayers, Grandfather William spoke. He asked that we stay in our hearts and speak directly to nature, to send love to the earth, and to bless the water in this time of great change. Then, as he looked up with a grin, he invited the ancestors to our circle, and down came the rain. A few minutes later the sun shone hard, starting where we were, and radiating out toward Quebec and Ontario.



Later when speaking alone with Grandfather William, I was deeply moved by the quality of the air around him. It was filled with love, without judgment, and allowing connections to people and nature all the time. As our hands moved toward each other his energy felt like soft velvet, and as our palms touched my whole body smiled in recognition of not only his authentic self, but sensing my own as well.


It was interesting that William Commanda's summer solstice message was about tuning into water, because it came up a number of times this week. I was curious about the high winds and rain that we seem to be experiencing in this part of the world now and was re-linked to a woman, Krow Fischer, near Peterborough, who channels a being from a Council of Elders that for simplicity’s sake is referred to as ‘Red’. I highly recommend Weavers of Light: A Channeled Book of Know-ledge for our Changing Times, the transcription of Red's accounts of the earth changes, and much more, available on line (


Red was recently asked about the changing weather patterns around here and his answer resonated deeply. You can go to the website to get the full transcript, but here is my quick version of his image: Inside the earth is a small cool sun (earth's core) that mimics the sun flares on the Sun (their dance). This dance stirs up the winds, the atmosphere and ultimately the rain. The purpose of the storms is to cleanse the waters of the earth and, like time, the process is speeded up (intensified) these days. It is in large part due to where our sun and planet are in the larger galaxy. The earth/solar system seems to be entering a dense, intense, high frequency vibration emanating out of the Milky Way center. As we cross it, matter speeds up/heats up, excites the sun and, I believe, is raising our consciousness also.


In other words, the changes are not bad, they are simply happening. The earth is going through the change, and we (birds, bees, etc) are moving along with her in the changes, because we are all carbon atoms, made from stars and earth. The native channel, Red, also noted that we can ask the wind and rain clouds to move if we need them to - ask with love and the earth will respond.


Coincidentally, another story I heard this week was about when the Romans where trying to conquer ancient Britain, they wrote in their military log that they could not get to the areas they needed to because the native inhabitants were using the elements to impede their progress! So we have probably just forgotten how to talk to clouds, and there’s no reason not to start now.


This summer be sure to ignore time/schedule restraints that may attempt to interfere with your opportunities to get outside and let nature commune with you one on one. There is a great deal of transforming energy, that can affect us both personally and globally, going on in the world right now. The best way to tune in, is connecting to nature and listening with an open heart. And, if it’s raining, enjoy that too, for as a friend pointed out, if the earth changes around here are going to mean more rain storms, it will mean more rainbows too!


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