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One of the questions asked at a past group session, which you can listen to for free on

was On voting.


"Of the candidates and parties running which is the best Candidate to lead this Country?"

Like a true politician he answered…


“Well that really is going to depend on who you are taking to isn’t it?”  (Followed by loud laughter.)

“There are a lot of different opinions from different people. I think the most important thing is that you guys show up at those meetings and ask questions, you see, because I tell you when someone is in that state there when they are running for something..they’re like..


‘OOhhh Gotta have everyone like me!! Gotta have everyone like me!!!!’


So you can be there and work with that energy.

‘You want me to like you? This is I what you to do.

You want me to vote for you? This is what I want you to do.’


So be there, go to these meetings where everybody’s discussing, and ask your questions.

‘If you came in what would be your party’s policy about this?’ This is what I want to see happening here. Who would be doing something about that?’

Who’s willing to shift immigration regulations?

Who’s willing to look after the water ways, who’s willing to do this?

What are you going to do about our education problems?’


Be there and be vocal, be informed, be intelligent and get them to answer your questions.

And look at them. You got one that says

‘OK here’s our policies this is what we need to do…’

because everyone will listen to you, you know that? They want you to like them.


So it’s more important that you stimulate the change that you want to see happening by showing up and asking hard questions….and get the answers.

If somebody is putting you off call them on that!

‘You didn’t answer my question.’


This is where Deanne speaks up and says to Red,

‘YOU didn’t answer my question.’


You’ve got to hear the laughter that follows this, spirit and human laughing together in one room comes across on recordings! It is a hoot to listen to. You can catch it at


He did not miss a beat, despite the background comments ‘Politicians’, but continued on with


‘You’ve got to decide what kind of leadership you want as a collective here and most people are deciding on what kind they DON’T want, not what they DO want.  So what does that speak?


‘I don’t want this so I don’t care who else gets in.’


Thats not a great way to make a decision is it? So that’s why I am suggesting that you go talk to the candidates representing your area and see, ‘Who is in alignment with what I want.’ Try to get all of them in alignment with what you want. ‘Who is in alignment with what I want.’


I think as Canadians you are kind of tired of the party that is in there right now. “It’s been in there for a while.everybody says ‘OK that’s enough”  that’s pretty obvious isn’t it? That’s pretty obvious.

And you’ve got other parties that seem too small, so I think as your Country you’re looking at two different ones and people haven’t decided yet have they? That’s why you’ve got to go talk to them and really push them to be telling you about what they are going to do about this and

‘Will you represent me because this is what I want if you are going to be my voice in the world.’ because that’s what you are electing, you are electing your voice in the world. So you’ve got to be looking at

‘Who of the people running here is going to be able to speak on my behalf.’

Not to lead you, but to speak for you.


So if this one talks with a lot of lies, you say, “You don’t speak for me.”

If this one talks with hatred, ‘You don’t speak for me’

So who speaks for you? And you go to that person and say

‘Alright  am going to be willing to support you, but you have to make a commitment to me that you will continue to speak for me.’

and you go people to people when you go to these meetings.

‘If I vote for you will you stay speaking for me? Will you hold the truth we are asking you to hold?

Will you actually look after our community for our best interests here?

Will you look after our environment?

Will you do what we ask you to do or will you buckle under the status quo if we get you in?

Because if I vote for you, then I want your commitment, that you are going to do a good job. Because I tell you, if you start slacking on that I am going to be coming to your office and talking to you about it.’


Imagine how that would be at those candidate meetings to have a whole group of people talking like that, like real human beings, person to person.  

‘If I give you vote of confidence you better not let me down. But if you do get in and do a good job I will be there to support you, I won’t put you down, I won’t be rude to you, I  will support you  if you do it, but if you let us down, that’s it, under the bus.’


Make it real, make it personal.’


He talks about the elections system we have here and how it is not working, and ‘is designed for corporations not for people..'  He suggests that we strt by 'Looking at who pays to support that particular candidate, what corporation is paying to support that particular candidate, you see who is putting the money in their fund, because then that candidate is beholden to that organization that is funding them. That’s really what goes on isn’t it? When you have this much money coming in from this company and this company and this company you’ve got to do favours for them. And when you have this much money coming in you can pay for advertisement. You can hire great strategists to figure out how to manipulate the public consciousness.’

He tells us of some scary stuff going on right now with collective consciousness manipulation, destabilization, and the companies vying for political control along with personal input from the intelligent and educated people of the Wasaga Beach Session. He talks about the intentions of those running for office, and that most are risking a lot to be of service to their communities. He reminds us to look for the good intentions and be aware of the stuff behind them that entraps people into corruption.


Bottom line.


Find out who your candidates are.


Find out who is supporting them, learn about the corporations behind them.

Look at their lineage, their interests and hobbies.

What did they study in school, why did they study that, what were their intentions?

Who is this person and what do they represent,

and do they represent me?

Go to the candidate meetings, call in on the talk shows, send emails to ask real questions and be involved in the process. Listen for the voices that sound the closest to what you wish to say and support that expression in those candidates.

See which one aligns the closest with you.  


We are putting our energy, in the form of a vote into action, for those of us lucky enough to have the right to vote.

In Canada it has been an ongoing evolution, women, First nations, Afro-Canadian, Japanese, Chinese, finally most persons are now eligible to vote. It took two hundred years to evolve to where it is and we are facing new safeguards with a new initiative underway to prevent expats from voting.

I am going to take Red's advice and evolve my vote further. I will infuse my single vote with as much intelligence, wisdom, humanity and power as I can and I encourage those of you also lucky enough to have a vote to do the same.

It is up to us after all is said and done.

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