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By The Council of Elders

Channelled through Krow Fischer

Received by Wendy Murdoch

ISBN: 0-9782344-0-5



Come, come, whoever you are

Wonderer, worshipper, lover of leaving

It doesn't matter

Ours is not a caravan of despair

Come, even if you have broken your vow

a thousand times

Come, yet again, come, come.....    

Rumi, 13th century Sufi poet.



There are hundreds and possibly thousands both in the Kawarthas and around the world who are big fans of Krow Fischer's work channelling the Council Of Elders. This is the Council's first book. Or maybe not.


The basic premise of Weavers of Light is that the time for hope has come, once again.


This is approached from many angles simultaneously: retold bible stories, astrological analysis, a description of our holy alliance to our planet and the ways in which this has been severed, and many others.

However, its heart is a combination socio-political analysis and an urge to (as well as tips towards gaining) an unshakeable personal responsibility.


Both continents and civilizations rise and sink as what they represent is superceded by a new outlook.

We have, for thousands of years, been living in pyramid building cultures; whether literally, as in historical Egyptian or Aztec communities, or economically, as in the Roman Empire or our own.


What this actually means, in economic terms, is that the very few at the top have benefited from the work of others; both those in the middle, who count their blessings and largely don't rock the boat, and the countless suffering millions, or, at this point, billions, at the bottom, who struggle to clothe and feed their families, and have little access to health care or clean water.


The time has come for this to change. The baleful gaze of one influential star system is gradually but inexorably being replaced by a gentler kinder beam. Some of the political upheaval we have been witnessing evidences the last grasps for power of a dying way. Likewise, The Elders tell us the extreme weather systems we have been experiencing are signs of the earth's inability, at this point in time, to continue allowing us to pollute her body, both with toxic chemicals and toxic thoughts. Time's up, kids. It is time for the sleeper to awake.


Rejoice, and relax. This includes me and you.


The social system that is set forth as an alternative is not, like the pyramid, hierarchical, but truly egalitarian, based on the circle. While some clearly have more talent or skill or wisdom than others, all have intrinsic value. In circle based communities each voice is heard, and all can learn from one another.


This book differentiates itself from countless new age manuals which purport to share various means of healing or gaining individual mystical or personal power in that it doesn't shy away from describing, in no uncertain terms, our current global socio-economic reality, and urging us all to take responsibility for every aspect of our lives, whether it be personal, environmental or political.


Krow has included her poems as chapter headings, describing in heartfelt stanzas her love for our beautiful planet.


Weavers of Light is available from


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