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Wendy Murdoch  

What is Natural Medicine?  




Cranio Sacral




The fundamentals of natural healing believe the body and soul are alwasy seeking a state of balance and given the correct assistance will return to a state of health once again.  


Healing is about the needs of the individual and one size does not fit all.  Therefore you will receive a personalized program of therapies, lifestyle recommendations and herbal formulations designed just for you.  Maybe a blend of medical and natural healing is the perfect choice for regaining or managing your health.  Or other therapies such as massage or acupuncture may be of help.  All choices will be looked at for your best health outcome.  


My medicine bag is full of different healing therapies: energy work, herbs, iridiology and more than twenty years experience as a holsitic practitioner and herbalist.  


Other essentials of health include support, caring and time.....all available at Here on Earth the Herbal Apothecary.


At the apothecary you will find bottles filled with herbs, creams and salves being whipped up in bowls, crockpots filled with herbs stewing in oils,  bottles of herbs and essential oils and more. Sometimes you may catch me in one of my many aprons brewing and compounding my medicines.

All I can say is "I love my work"


Please come visit me at the Herbal Apothecary either in person or online.  


 Healing appointments are $90.00 per session for 1 1/2 to 2 hours long or as long as it takes.  

You can pre-pay your appointment here if you like  

Contact Wendy through  email here  

or  by calling 705.924.3852 

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