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Wendy Murdoch

What is Holistic Medicine?  




Cranio Sacral




A Holistic Practitioner looks at an individual in their entirety, not just as a physical organism.  

A person is an eco-system made up of molecules of the earth infused with soul light from the heavens so all aspects of the individula must be addressed; the well being of the emotional, mental and spiritual must be considered.  


My medicine bag includes plant medicines and nutritional counselling to assist the body in regaining harmony, as well as hands on healing or lightwork to help clear any emotional blockages.  Medical intuitive skills and Iridology may be called upon to access information, as well as Cranio Sacral adjustments for structural misalignments.    


The uniqueness of each individual is honoured and a health program is tailored to one's personal needs.  The promotion of health is the priority, whilst emphasis is on the responsibility of each individual for his or her wellbeing.  All therapies are aimed at awakening the innate ability for self healing.


Compassion and understanding form the foundation of this work.  Even though the journey of self healing starts with each individual, what we heal, learn and how we develop our consciousness affects all of us on this planet.    


Healing appointments are $80.00 per session for 1 1/2 to 2 hours long.  

You can pre-pay your appointment here if you like

Contact Wendy through  email here  

or  by calling 705.924.3852 

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