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This is a letter of testimony regarding Wendy Murdoch of Oakendell.

I met Wendy approximately 10 years ago. It wasn’t until 2004, nearly 5 years ago, that I realized from a personal perspective just how gifted a healer she is.

In November of 2004, my life, as I knew it, abruptly shattered into a million fragments. Without going into too much detail, I completely lost all Will to live. I now know that we are very capable of grieving ourselves to death. All of my vital organs began to shut down. I was dying and didn’t care. Dying was a very physically painful experience, as my organs began to shut themselves down slowly. The physical pain was unbearable, but did not even come close to the emotional agony. I tried to keep working out of sheer force of habit; something like a robot. Most days, I just closed my office door, crawled into a little ball in the corner and cried and begged to be taken from my agonizing misery.

But I knew I couldn’t let myself die. I couldn’t leave my daughter.

I can’t tell you why I chose Wendy Murdoch as a healer, but I believe that I was guided there by a much stronger force than myself.

The long journey of healing began…… she helped me slowly gather all of the fragmented pieces of myself.

Wendy’s has the ability to open herself up to the loving light of the universe. She intuits exactly what is needed. She uses herself as a tool for the healing to come through. Her wisdom and skill is experiential, as well as, extensively studied. Wendy is genuine. I consider Wendy Murdoch to be the most gifted healer I have ever known or known of. I am honoured to know her and have her as a friend. I am forever grateful to whatever loving force, lead me to her for healing.

I am still in healing process but when I look back, I can’t believe how far I’ve come since the day I first walked into Wendy’s healing centre. -- Debbie Hoskin


On channeling with Red & The Council of Elders...


“Simply put, I love the ‘old guy’.  


The experience of talking to Red I analogize as having access to one of God’s Vice President’s.  


I have never found information, guidance and direction this powerful anywhere else or from a source that feels so clean and divine.” - Darren Royea  Montreal Quebec.


"It has been a really really long time, since light from so far into our past, that its origins is from the centre of our universe, creations birthplace, is able to root this deeply into the earth through this channeler, and is now streaming through understandings and information. These are the understandings that are needed for our times, these are the understandings that our souls have needed to shift our consciousness, away from the Pyramid realities we have created. These realities have been based on slavery and oppression, dominion over the earth. We as a people have been creating and supporting these realities since time out of mind, and now, we are in the thick of change. We are evolving and illuminating back into circle realities, and outward into bliss.

The earth opened herself up to assist creation, and allowed the children of the creators, to come and play on her surface. Some came to live in bliss, some came to hide, some came to help and some came to control. The earth has given us all a home, so that with our time here we would learn to love, and we would learn to play.

The creators made us a covenant not that long ago in earth time, that more and more of us are now waking up to and remembering once again, that Heaven would come to Earth one day. That time is now upon us. The words in this book are from the souls who are sitting at the feet of the creators, they are the Council of Elders, and they are showing us how we can bring down these stars, and fulfill the promise made.

The entire universe is changing rapidly at this time, and we as souls and co-creators, who have chosen to live and express our souls on earth at this time, can use these understandings. There is a beautiful light that streams so brilliant and bright into the earth plane, from places in the heavens we have not seen before. We are taking this light into our souls and down into the earth, and we are going to weave beautiful realties once again, and beyond......, far beyond.

NOW the time is upon us, finally, after what has felt like eternity.........., to give the earth back to Eden....."

Damon Toth ...... author As Above So Below.


It is a real gift to connect with Krow, a psychic and channel of great integrity, honesty and insight.  And through her, with Red and The Council of Elders.  This experience has deepened my understanding of myself and the world around me.  Krow creates a beautiful, nurturing and safe space, that opens us up to greater understanding and higher consciousness.  I consider myself among the lucky souls to have connected with her : )  Thank you Krow for being you and offering your service in the world.  I have greatly benefited from your gifts.  Thank you.

   Irena S., Toronto Canada


...Although a little apprehensive of having a session with Red, my first experience was in a group setting which provided me with a level of comfort and familiarity. The conversations I now have with Red offer an in-depth and mind-blowing clarity surrounding the challenges I face and curiosities I have. No topic is off limits, no judgments are made.” - Ross Thompson   Quebec


“From our very first session Red has provided me with practical insight and grounded advice that continue to support me in my relationships, work and life purpose. His clarity, humour and immediately applicable tools, give so much benefit and value - he is my trusted and sacred advisor and friend.  Tracey Trottenberg California


Krow, Red, Wendy

Just wanted to thank you for the time and energy you’ve given me over the last few weeks. The support is wonderful.

I am applying the information given to me. I have also shared this tape with my wife.

All is good and keeps getting better and better! Yummy yummy yummy ya!!

Right away I started with the info. given on how to balance my health. In just a week. I don’t have to take my nap’s anymore and have 80% of my energy back. Words cannot describe how I feel again. I’m becoming me again. Ya!

I will be in touch again. Thank you for listening to me. While listening to the tape I realized I did a lot of talking. Appreciate you listening (All of you) and holding space for me.You are welcome to use this testimonial if you’d like. Love to you all.  Tunkashila aya niye wastepelo!  John Wilson FL.  US


Hey Oakendell!!!! Wendy and Krow! Oakendell Rocks!!! I love you both and I am very grateful that the universe brought us together. I can't imagine life without you. Even though I don't see you often enough, life feels more bearable just knowing that you are in the world.


"I had my first Deep Trance Channeling with Krow and experienced the communication with Red and The Council of Elders in 2001. It was hard to believe at first that such a thing is even possible. After many personal and group readings asking countless questions I feel eternally blessed to have had these experiences as they have given me so much clarity about life which leads to an incredible peacefulness within. Such an incredible gift Krow has and with each Cd as well as her book, one can find so much wisdom from beyond the veil."

-Luanne F.P.


Here On Earth Is a place of healing laughter reflection and perspective the services that Wendy and Krow and the council provide are priceless they can't even really be put into words Oakendell  helps you reach her highest potential in your mind your body and your spirit I don't know where I would be without them

Tyler Patfield




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